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Proposed city golf course, recreation area, and new homes mapped onto Google Earth

Kuna Melba News
July 12, 2006

- Bill Clark

At a town hall meeting on May 31, the city announced a proposal to convert the sewer ponds south of town into a golf course, recreation area, and new home sites. To better understand this proposal, I mapped it onto Google Earth. The map is available for download at www.earthpoint.us. Click on “Around Town” and follow the instructions.

In its current form, this is a 530-acre project. 180 acres would be golf course and 350 acres would be new homes. Removal of the sewer ponds would be financed by a city bond. Construction of the golf course and recreation area would be paid for by giving 350 acres of the land to a developer. New homes would be constructed on this land. In exchange, the developer would build a golf course and recreation area on the remaining 180 acres. The city would retain ownership of the golf course and recreation area.

I am looking for more items of interest to map onto Google Earth. Please send me your comments and suggestions. My number is 860-6311 or email [email protected].

Bill Clark is the developer of Earth Point, www.earthpoint.us and is a realtor with Holland Realty.